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You are required to register an eduPass account prior to using DET-provided cloud services (Office, Teams, Adobe etc.)

If you have completed the registration process at a previous school, you can continue to use the same username/email address ( and password. You will not have to complete the registration process again.

If you are unsure whether you have completed the registration, or you do not know your username or password, ask your teacher for help.

eduPass Account Registration

If you have not previously completed the registration process for an eduPass account, you will be given a registration letter with your username and a temporary password.

Follow the steps below to complete your registration.

Step 1: Enter the User Name and Temporary Password

Step 2: Click Continue, read and Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3: Enter your current Temporary Password and click next.

Step 4: Create a 4 digit pin and click Next

Step 5: Answer three security questions of your choosing. Make sure you are able to remember these answers, as you will need them to reset your password if forgotten. Click Next when done and Finish to complete your registration.

Step 6: You will now need change your password. Your new password must include at least 7 characters and container at least 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase Letter (A-Z)

  • Lowercase Letter (a-z)

  • Number (0-9)

  • Special Character (!#_$%&@!-)

You will now be able to use your eduPass account to access DET-provided cloud services such as Office and Adobe. When accessing these services, if you are asked for a username, enter the username found on your registration form. If you are asked for an email address, enter your

For example, if your username is abc123, your eduPass email address will be

If you have any issues, please visit the IT office.

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